Thursday, April 05, 2012

Perpetually tone-deaf

I know the right-wing worries that Mitt Romney doesn't really believe in their paranoia policy positions, but he is certainly a modern Republican male at heart:
Mitt Romney heard through the grapevine that women are excited about his candidacy. For at least the third time this week, Romney explained why he’ll win over women voters, despite a poll released late Sunday showing him suffering an almost 20-point gender gap in key swing states, by saying his wife talks to women for him. Ann “reports to me” on what women care about, he said.
Uh, right. That will go over really well with female voters. Even 'The View' has four women giving viewpoints from A to Behar.

Next up from Mitt: Herman Cain tells me what Blacks think; and Marco Rubio tells me about Hispanics; Newt Gingrich tells me what fat lotharios are up to; Bill Krystal briefs me on the Jewish; the Book of Mormon is all I need on Native Americans; and John McCain has me covered with the goings on of the Roman Senate.


Anonymous said...

Also, don't forget he's got the under-25 demographic all sewn up thanks to Meghan McCain.

pansypoo said...

so, he gave p on the dog demographic?

pansypoo said...

mitt thinks he can win on looks.

Montag said...

I strongly suspect that Ann Rmoney's circle of friends is not exactly a representative cross-section of "what women think."

If Rmoney actually believes his dressage- and Cadillac-adoring wife has useful intelligence on 51% of the population, he's even more deluded and isolated than people previously believed. No doubt, though, that Peggy Noonan will think she does....

ohsusannah said...

Ann “reports to me” on what women care about, he said.

Evidence of Mitt's much-touted managerial skills?

Clearly defined organization--his wife "reports" to him.

Strong understanding of challenges facing the organization--needs interpreter for "what women care about".

Respectful of and diplomatic with others--gimme a break.

If these are the management skills acquired in 4 years at Harvard, Mittens must have cut a lot of classes.

Anonymous said...

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