Monday, December 03, 2012

FoxNation's Person of the Millenium, no doubt

Orly Taitz is still around.  Yeah, I know, awesome.  And she has lost again, the Orange County California summed up Orly's lawyerin' skills quite succinctly in his opinion...and perhaps gave her an epitaph for her future tombstone:

“You should know that evidence is not stuff printed from the Internet,” Margines told Taitz, according to the Occidental Weekly.


Montag said...

All that legal language and stuff is very funny... especially when Orly Taitz is spouting it.

She's demonstrably dumb as a fencepost, but, truthfully, I don't want her to stop. She's racking up too many charges and fines. She may singlehandedly bankrupt the Tea Party, and that's a good thing....

pansypoo said...

owl, morre like a moth to a porchlight.