Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The Trump effect

No doubt he will soon respond with a video-blogged diatribe about haggis or something:

Now, far from home, Mr. Trump is a loser once more, if only because a man he had cruelly and publicly bullied has emerged as a surprise winner. 

A few days ago, a fellow named Michael Forbes was designated Scotsman of the year — “Top Scot,” to be precise — in a popular contest sponsored by the Glenfiddich whiskey company and The Scotsman, a leading newspaper in Scotland.

He was voted that by the general public because he refused to sell his home and small farm so Trump could build a golf course.


Montag said...

I wonder, did Forbes call him a "short-fingered vulgarian," too?

pansypoo said...

bramble head is fired.

Anonymous said...

"He called me a village idiot and accused me of living in a pigsty, but I think everyone knows by now that he’s the clown of New York.”

He's also a Republican, and once considered a possible candidate for President.