Friday, March 18, 2005

And they say that the religious right doesn't use marijuana

Well, my friends I have proof that there is some strange chemical abuse among the religious right. You say, no D. DeD, that cannot be but how else can you explain this?

Is this the smell of God?

I am thinking that this is not just something to chuckle over but I believe that we have the makings of a first rate 500 foot Jesus kind of scam here. I have for sale today via the RisingHegemonGodCandles site the following:

  • Scent of Moses' Beard Candle
  • John the Baptist Head Candle
  • Jezebell (for those times when you wanna get Christian freaky)
  • Revelations Candle (for those sexy Christian nights during the apocalypse... Now, don't take off all of your clothes)
  • Power of Psalms Candle
  • immaculate Conception Candle (banilla scented)
  • Mother of God menstrual Candle (proves the immaculate conception)
  • Wine from Water (starts as a candle turns into a candelabra)

    The Rising Hegemon division of X-tian commerce look forward to any of your suggestions.
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