Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Sorry, for some silly reason this post makes myself and Champollion giggle so much we are going to put it up again, now with bonus snark. It is actually all about the picture.

As the meltdown at the intersection of What us in favor of States Rights? Street & Unrequited Doughy Pantload Love Avenue continues, it may be time to make some predictions:

Will Kathryn Lopez climb the Clock Tower?

If so, When?

What ammo will she use?

How many can she take out?

The LAST MOMENTS OF K.J. LOPEZ (as imagined by Champollion)


TBogg and Wolcott have similar thoughts, with the addition of Peggy Noonan who, if you recall was last seen trying to trying to claw her way into Ronald Reagan's casket for what must have been the dry hump she'd always dreamed of.

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