Monday, March 21, 2005

Why is everyone calling her Terri?

As hilariously pointed out this evening on The Daily Show, all of these lets-expand-government-because-we-can-republicans are calling Mrs. Schiavo, Terri as if they were her close personal friends. A moment of clarity is required on this. She is being called Terri because to call her Mrs. Schiavo would be to acknowledge the right of her husband to represent her medical interests.

Furthermore, why are we only questioning her husband's motives and not her parents? One has to worry about parents who do not care the state of mind of their child or her wishes. They must have her body with them.

Perhaps we should question the interpretations and motives of politicians who are crying "medical terrorism" based on videos made by parents in violation of court orders. So, judges are deprived of discretion, legal guardians will be denied the right to exercise the trust others have placed in them, all in the name of a "culture of life."

What does this mean when politicians do not care about providing the living with the health care and clean food, air, and water we all need to live to the best of our abilities. And do any of us doubt that we can trust all our most personal of rights to politicians who only have our best interests in their wee hearts. Yeah.

So, out of respect, can we call her what we should? Political pawn.

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