Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Tide Must Be About To Turn

Drunk with their own power and moral superiority, the Repugnicans are too smug to notice just how servile, pathetic, and transparent are their attampts to re-write the Constitution to suit their own needs. There was a time the Democratic party was the morally bankrupt entity that gave way to Gingrich's Contract with America but it took a long time to get there. In every way the move to redefine federal court jurisdiction to review the fate of a single human being whose life was sustained by feeding tubes and round-the-clock care suggests poor judgment and desperation. And it only took a decade to get here.

Terry Schiavo's husband made an unpleasant judgment after what seemed to me to be too long, but he made the judgment and that should end the story. Now the Republican party, in its zeal to earn favor with its Christian base, is not only re-writing the Constitution, but as reader K.K. points out, is turning back the clock on thirty years of law on individual rights and self-determination.

This is an over-reach of Herculean proportions and suggests the end is near for the Republicans. If the Democrats can't get this one right then we are doomed. There is too much at stake to allow Bush, Frist, and Delay to maintain the high ground on this issue. Now is not the time for compromise; this is an issue worth a fight to the last vote.

And one more thing, with apologies to my mother, fuck them. Fuck each and every one of them. My holy week wish (as one who clebrated Palm Sunday) is that they all may know Terry Schiavo's fate for just one day. Happy Easter mother-fuckers.

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