Monday, March 28, 2005

Paper-Towel dosed with Formaldehyde

Well, what can I say? Attaturk spends the Easter Weekend sick as a dog (and it wasn't even from a Chocolate Bunny) and world keeps going on without me.

There was one story that I missed blogging about, and some readers have emailed me about it, and that is the story of how Tom DeLay ended the life of his daddy by covering up his airholes, sticking a pin through him and displaying him at the County Fair.

He then went on to pursue a lawsuit for product liability against the big-bad corporation that he alleged caused daddy's death.

Not surprisingly, of course, seventeen years later, DeLay accuses those making the same decisions of being murderers and does his damndest to prevent suits against corporations.

I've run out of witty puns for the prick.

The DeLay Family Tree

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