Tuesday, March 22, 2005

There's A Plan?

It's amazing that whenever the great Social Security Privatization Scam is shown to be unpopular with the vast majority of the public, the Bushies say they have yet to unveil their plan.

Nonetheless, despite this lack of a plan, the Lemur seems to keep touring the country in his anti-septic bubble.

And for the, what 3 people (including Terry Schiavo) who think that McCain is "Mr. Integrity", observe him assist in the scratching of the Presidential Genitalia.

"My dear friends at ... AARP, if you don't like our solutions, give us one," McCain said. "Sit down and join us in this debate. Don't block it."

They have solutions now? They have solutions, but no plan?


A Monkey always loves his little bitch!

I know, I know, I referred to him as the Lemur, but try getting a picture of lemurs hugging!

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