Monday, March 28, 2005

I don't give a shit

There are some bloggers that do reporting. Josh Marshall does some, David Neiwart, there is some reporting that goes on at a place like Daily Kos.

But to the extent I care about the latest reporter to whine about how bloggers are not reporters, my response is "well d'uh". To a large extent anymore, neither is much of the media.

I am no reporter. No is anyone else on this blog. There is not one piece of original news reporting that any of us have done...I take that back, I think DeDurkheim went to a few Kerry rallies. That is about it.

But what reporters don't seem to notice is that much of the "broadcast medium" that so many people of slack jaws and "Cult of Earnhardt" view as reporting are, in fact, nothing but commentors. There is very little actual reporting on any network in the evening, it is all commenting.

And for the most part that is 95% of blogging, some of it is quality analysis, some of it is entertainment value (comedy), and some of it is stupifyingly banal (so just like FoxNews). But all-in-all it is pretty plain that the quality of commenting on blogs is far and away superior to that shown in broadcasting. It's more substantive and wittier.

I'm sorry if this basic concept eludes them.

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