Saturday, March 26, 2005

So it's come to commando raids

Fuck the rule of law apparently.

Hours after a judge ordered that Terri Schiavo was not to be removed from her hospice, a team of state agents were en route to seize her and have her feeding tube reinserted -- but they stopped short when local police told them they would enforce the judge's order, The Herald has learned.

Agents of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement told police in Pinellas Park, the small town where Schiavo lies at Hospice Woodside, on Thursday that they were on the way to take her to a hospital to resume her feeding.

For a brief period, local police, who have officers at the hospice to keep protesters out, prepared for what sources called ``a showdown.''

In the end, the squad from the FDLE and the Department of Children & Families backed down, apparently concerned about confronting local police outside the hospice.

''We told them that unless they had the judge with them when they came, they were not going to get in,'' said a source with the local police.


Just a little poll here, for years the conservatives have pounded the "RULE OF LAW" card, so how many have you heard over the airwaves, besides albino mutant John Gibson, urge that judge's orders be ignored and the hospice be stormed? I've heard plenty.

Meanwhile, more uncommented upon dead infants in Iraq and the Sudan.

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