Monday, March 28, 2005

Send your Emails to Bobo Brooks

The Schiavo protest is sort of the Woodstock of the Bobo's World set, with Randall Terry playing the part of Wavy Gravy. At least it would be if there were all that many people there. Oh, and stay away from the brown holy wafers! Steve Gilliard notices once of many examples:

An Associated Press article is beginning to circulate at
and elsewhere regarding 10 year old Joshua Heldreth and his father, Scott Heldreth. Heldreth is a longtime Operation Rescue/Operation Save America participant as is clear from a simple Google search and any claim that his son induced him to come to Pinellas where many other OR/OSA people and their leadership were present is clearly bogus.

Further, Scott Heldreth is a registered sex offender in the state of Florida, marked as "absconded from registration," according to this FDLE flyer:

A Howard Scott Heldreth is registered as a sex offender in both Illinois and Florida and a Scott Heldreth has let his son get arrested outside Terri Schiavo's hospice. Both pictures are very similar.

It seems he wasn't registered in North Carolina, where he lives, as a sex offender.

The problem with the whole circus outside the hospice is that you don't know what kind of people you attract. You drag in all sorts and if this is true and Heldreth is absconded from registration as a sex offender.

What is amazing is that after seeing this guy let his kid get arrested, no one did as much as a google search on him until someone did on Kos.

Don't we have reporters any more? Or are they all stenographers?

When is the Schindler brother that looks like Ben Stiller going to play the Jimi Hendrix-style, "Onward Christian Soldiers" guitar riff?

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