Saturday, March 19, 2005

Fun with Pictures, Mama Bush Edition

Our good friend, Holden at First Draft started these captions but we felt the need to bring out the true nature of Barbara's inner um... you know.

Babs shows how her wittle Georgie will crucify destroy his emenies!!!

"Bab's tells Georgie to do to Paul Krugman what they did to that one other Jew!"

"You must be this tall to Ride the Barb"

"Barb demonstrates the dimensions of her restraining order against her kids."

"I don't care what Daddy says, he is not this big!"

"Fuck that Eleanor Roosevelt bitch, I'll show you cocksuckers how to fly!" (requires SNL knowledge)

Barb shows us how she is going to officiate as her new career in baseball is just starting to take off.

Anyone else got some caption suggestions?

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