Thursday, March 31, 2005

Internet Tough-Guy

TBogg already noticed this, but some phrases are too good for me to pass up.

Some of you may have heard that somebody threw a pie at the genetically hacktacular Bill Kristol the other day. Jonah "Please Go Fight My War for Me" Goldberg responds with fightin' words.

That story Ramesh posted about Bill Kristol getting smacked with a pie reminds me: I'll be at Ithaca college on April 6 talking about diversity & stuff.

I suppose Bill responded the correct way, but transforming oneself into a helicopter of fists certainly has its appeal as well.

Helicopter of Fists?

Well he did once roll a "natural-20" to beat that nasty Githyanki in college.

Oh please, denizens of Ithaca College, please load yourselves up with Coconut Cremes and Video Cameras. I do so want to see the 'Doughy Pantload' try to flail about and attempt to be a "Helicopter of Fists".

I'm willing to bet it will in reality be a "Tugboat of Assuming Fetal Position" myself.

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