Thursday, March 31, 2005

No Longer a Metaphorical Circus

I'm kind of sick of the story too, but lordy the material.

He prayed about whether he should drive to Florida and visit the hospice. Then he got an answer, said 32-year-old Nathan Dorrell.

"God told me to come," Dorrell said, "and juggle."

So Dorrell loaded his pregnant wife and two children into their minivan and made the 480-mile drive from Temple, Ga. The family arrived at Hospice House Woodside on Wednesday morning and unpacked in a shady spot.

Dorrell, wearing a fluorescent orange tie that squiggled down his chest, tossed his silver juggling clubs into the air. They glimmered in the sunlight, drawing the attention of dozens of protesters sitting nearby.

Some weren't pleased. This was not the time, they told Dorrell, for juggling.


Oh, hey, good ol' Holden even found a picture.

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