Friday, March 25, 2005

Hell To Pay

The difference between the nutjob wing of the Republican party (which seems to grow larger by the day) and the majority of sensible Americans of all political stripes is becoming clear. The Republican party, as envisioned by Bush, Frist, Delay, Hastert, Cheney, Rove, etc. has become a parody of itself. Beleiving that the party had to co-opt nutjobs like Randall Terry (to say nothing of Grover Norquist) is proving to be damaging to the party's health.

Bush's tone of resignation sparked anger and disappointment among protesters standing vigil outside the hospice where Schiavo was being cared for. Terry, who has been advising the Schindlers, said "there will be hell to pay" if the politicians whom religious conservatives had helped elect let Schiavo die.

I think he is on to something, on so many levels. Now we don't want to start counting chickens yet but we may take note of the fallout not from Terri Sciavo, but from the cynical hubris demonstrated by Bush and congressional Republicans using Terri Schiavolike a playground utility ball. They have seriously miscalculated on this one and the fact that they were either so blind or drunk about the actions they were taking is a good sign.

So here's to having hell to pay. May the price be steep and unrelenting. And there's no better time to do it you know.

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