Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Another busy backtracker at the Intersection of Freedom Marching Street & Rose Colored Sky Avenue is Rich Lowry. On May 8, 2005, Rich, as I never tire of pointing out had this cover story published:

Well today, a little bit of oops and excuse making...

The other problem is that conditions have taken a downturn over the last couple of months. The insurgency and the fight against it is about adjustments--and the fact is that the insurgents have adjusted to our adjustments that had culminated in the success of the elections and the immediate aftermath.

Well that's mighty white of him.

I'd like to illustrate Rich's progress the last two months.

Rich Lowry April 2005

Rich Lowry May 2005

Rich Lowry June 2005

You see it is not subtle, yet subtle.

Thanks to reader Dave Reid for the info (about Lowry's writing, not douche bags)

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