Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Blog came out feet first

It was on March 18, 2004 that this blog came into the world -- wet and deprived of oxygen.

This was its first post.

This was its first piece of snark.

This was its first photocaption.

This was DeDurkheim's first post.

This was Champollion's first post.

This was Res Ipsa's first post as a regular.

This was Atta J. Turk's first post of any quality or distinction. Oops, sorry there haven't been any.

However, these are among my favorite posts for some reason.

1. A reserved good-bye to the Pope. And as an extra, suggesting the new one.

2. A catchy ditty for our times.

3. Chris Matthews gives Lincoln his hard-balls.

4. And yet another ditty.

Three years, more than 8,700 posts (including some by P O'Neill) and nearly 2 million visitors, or as the Great Orange Satan knows it, "Wednesday".

Thanks for reading.


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