Friday, June 15, 2007

"I'm not a War Mongerer!"

"I just want to threaten people with bombs!"

Lieberman responded to the criticism by emphasizing that he had spoken on Sunday, "as an American senator," and had been expressing his concern about Iranian actions against US soldiers in Iraq.

"They have started military action against us, not vice versa," Lieberman told the Post. "If we don't try diplomacy and then back it with credible threat of force, shame on us, we're going to pay for it later." He was speaking after an appearance at the Orthodox Union Leadership Mission to Washington's Senate luncheon Wednesday afternoon.

At the lunch, Lieberman told the crowd his words helped encourage debate on how to handle the threat posed by Iran.

Yeah, "bomb 'em" encourages debate just like your Willy Lomanesque claims of progress dumbass.

It must be about time for Lieberman to write another pathetic editorial in the WaPo or Wall Street Journal.

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