Monday, June 04, 2007

What have the Kagans been Wrong about Now?

I've spent much of these episodes beating up on the first couple of bad strategy, Fred and Kimberly, who do war planning like the Lucy & Ethel building their armies up in Kamchatka.

So let us focus on the more dapper of the Kagan's again, besweatered brother who puts the uh...WAR in the 'Carnegie Endowment for International Peace' where he works draws a paycheck.

As mentioned on Saturday, Bobby had a column in the Washington Post in which he said:

By far the biggest problem, and the source of most of the violence reported every day, has been al-Qaeda in Iraq.

I pointed out that was a blatant lie then, but I think it is important to demonstrate just how hard some of these people are working to just knowingly act as war lovers that will just knowingly toss out bullshit to keep the calamity going.

But the truth is plainly different:

Militants, many associated with the Mahdi Army of the Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr, have resumed a push to drive Sunnis from their few enclaves, American commanders said. One of the area’s last Sunni mosques was bombed Wednesday.

“This area used to be primarily Sunni, but in the last six months Jaish al-Mahdi has conducted essentially a cleansing campaign,” said Colonel Frank, using the Arabic name for the Mahdi Army.

In addition to carrying out sectarian killings, the Mahdi Army controls two of the area’s three gas stations, which refuse to sell to most Sunnis. Gunmen regularly attacked trash trucks when they entered Sunni areas until the American military began providing security. Sunni homes are also the targets of arson attacks if their occupants fail to heed warnings to leave, he said.

Sunni insurgents have fought back as well, with two large car bomb attacks in largely Shiite sections of Baya and Ameel that killed more than 60 people, officers said.

The sectarian violence was especially disheartening to some American officers because it occurred in May, the same month that they were undertaking the centerpiece of the Baghdad security plan — a neighborhood clearing operation.

This isn't Al Qaeda, it's sectarian. Shiia militias are not Al Qaeda Bob and when they act against Sunni, not every reprisal comes from the hand of Osama bin Laden.

As long as these simplistic and simplifying maroons are in charge of things (and Robert is an original PNAC member) we are going from one disastrous adventure to another.

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