Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Banned Words of 2008™ (Part II)

My friend Sexy Pixie reminded me of a few more words, phrases, names, and other phenomena that need to be banned before 2008 makes its debut. I'll add her contributions -- and those of other R-H commenters, to the previous list.

Keep 'em coming, people. 2007 is not over yet.
  1. Presidential
  2. Electability
  3. Luxury
  4. Playing the _______ card.
  5. Judd Apatow (No problem with the movies, but this guy is to 2007 what Quentin Tarantino was to 1994.)
  6. Kerfuffle (Sweet Jesus, do I hate this word.)
  7. Go negative
  8. Baby Bump
  9. Decadent (in reference to food)
  10. Devastating
  11. Not so much
  12. Shortening of names into abbreviations for self-promotional purposes," e.g., "NatGeo" for National Geographic and "WaMu" for Washington Mutual. (Per Sexy Pixie, "It’s tacky, like giving your self a nickname. At least I think KFC and Mickey-D’s evolved organically."
  13. Hottie (Capital J)
  14. Adding "-age" to words, e.g, "beardage" (Capital J)
  15. Centrist (Dr. Dick)
  16. 9/11 (definitely) (boggeriquage)
  17. "It's all good" (drydiggins)
  18. Canoodle (The Kenosha Kid)
  19. "Off the table" (as in "Impeachment is...") (Elspeth Ravenwind)
  20. "War on ______" (station agent)
  21. Any sentence construction that contains the phrase "so not" (as in, "I am so not going to that party") (gypsy howell)
  22. Amazing, e specially when pronounced "aMAZing." (Hoyt Pollard)
  23. Spot on (some blogger named DeDurkheim)
  24. Surge (Contisertoli)
  25. Gravitas (Major Woody)
  26. All that good stuff (JeffCO)
  27. Competitive birthing (watertiger)
  28. Push presents (watertiger)
  29. At the end of the day... (SteveLG)
  30. _______ Czar (e.g., Drug Czar, War Czar, etc.)

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