Friday, December 21, 2007

Huck and the Victim Thang

From our friends at Consortium News -- In his sudden rise to the top of the Rethuglican crowded field, Mike "Mr. Christian" Huckabee has tapped into Christian conservative resentment over perceived attacks on Christians, X-mas, and the religious right throughout the world by those Godless secularists and liberals.  

This persecution theme was directly created and inserted into the body politique by our friends at Faux News (and other right-wing media -- especially talk radio -- and Internet outlets) and Mr. Right-wing Sean Hannity via the "War on Christmas" notion that was popular two years ago (and is repeatedly brought back by the nutcase religious right).

Nothing like clothing yourself in religious persecution as a strategy for winning the GOPpers primary.  Who wins the game of one-downship?  Huck or McCain?  Can Huck even touch McCain on struggle and persecution?  Do these challenges even compare?  McCain was a tortured POW while Huck... well, he thought of himself as tortured. 

From Robert Parry in 2005:

You have to hand it to political operatives who can turn the Christmas celebration of Jesus’s birth into a nasty wedge issue, transforming a traditional message of love, peace and tolerance into one of anger, conflict and resentment.

Ah the GOP, if you can't win legitimately cheat and generate fear.

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