Monday, December 31, 2007

Uncommitted, tragically

I was waiting for Joe Klein to weigh in on Iowa before I decided who to support ("vote for" is too substantive a claim for the Iowa Caucuses) here on Thursday.

But now that Klein has added his unerring (just ask him) thoughts and pontifications so that I know how NOT to go, I've made up my mind.

Klein also manages to use the Tom Friedman technique of finding people who talk like Joe Klein.

Joe, Iowa voters, especially the Democrats, are a rather sophisticated lot -- rather ironic, considering how you actually consider us hayseeds. We don't like you, we know what you are about, and we are all in fairly common agreement. You are a corporate whore, 1st Class.

In short, you suck.

BTW, if you were wondering if Joe is the most clueless person this side of David Broder, let this be your evidence, the "wise" pundit in action...

I compared [Hillary Clinton] to a bran muffin last summer.

And I compare you, Joe, to the end result.

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