Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hoaxes and Lies

So, what do we make of these Rethuglican lies?

Apparently the nutcase brigade is trying to gear up for what they see as years of political opposition against Democratic advances in the Presidency and Congress.  So, we can expect more dirty tricks and the usual attack crap-a-thons!

With President George W. Bush only a year away from departing the White House and the Republican succession in turmoil, some of the most prominent conservative intellectuals and activists have gathered together for one last great crusade. Movement icons from Robby George of Princeton to Harvey Mansfield of Harvard, from David Horowitz to Brit Hume, raised howls of persecution when they heard reports that two masked men allegedly attacked a conservative Princeton University student. They insisted that the right-wing acolyte was beaten up "for his conservative views," as Horowitz put it. And they accused Princeton of failing to protect conservatives and upholding a hypocritical liberal double standard.

What are the Dems and Progressives going to do when the nutwing and theocrats go on the attack?  So far, watching the Democratic Congress, I am not particularly hopeful that they will fight back.

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