Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bush is a Symptom

...and not the problem according to the Krugmeister writing at  He believes that progressives have a historic opportunity to reshape politics.  That's funny.  I wondered and pondered this and then it occurred to me that all of us here at R-H have been saying that since the chimperor was pronounced president by Scalia during the scandalous days of Bush v. Gore.  Remember those days?

However, Krugman believes that the public has become more liberal and open-minded.  He then goes on to attack the mainstream media (of which he is part) and gives no real compelling evidence for this "liberal opening." 

Is it that the country has become more liberal or is it that Chimpy and Co. have so gravely mismanaged the ship of state that the Dems just don't look so bad?  And we know they believe in a few things it just so often seems to this commentator as though it is a softer more people-friendly version of what the GOP is selling.

Of course, that mainstream media will just attack the Dems, poison the discussion, and excoriate every perceived liberal (let alone progressive) offering.  So, assume the Democrats do win the executive branch.  Further assume they open their leads in the House and the Senate.  What are they capable of doing with this supposedly advantaged position?  Dems are supposedly running Congress right now and what are they doing with it?  They can't even get health care in the long term for poor kids.

Yes, Bush is a symptom but ineffective and skittish Democrats are going to give the whole package right back to the Neocons if they don't start standing up for something and be willing to fight -- and fight hard -- for what they believe in (assuming their concern for health care, the environment, working people, schools, infrastructure... and so much more really means something).

Now, is not the time for bickering and petty squabbling, now is the time for a progressive agenda that is advanced at the federal and state levels where it is possible to break into the discussion and move forward AND CREATE CHANGE.  That is, assuming the mainstream media will even listen.

Yes, Paul you are right that Bush is just a symptom of deeper problems with politics in this country. 

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