Friday, December 21, 2007

Why can't you kids get along?

You ever hear that line from your parents?  Apparently Myspace and Facebook are locked in mortal Internet combat.

Yet MySpace will have the mind-set of a start-up the next several months, with an audacious menu of business partnerships, technology initiatives and expansion plans to gain the attention of consumers and advertisers.

It has little choice. Though the most popular social network, MySpace is in an escalating battle with upstart Facebook. As major retailers such as Coca-Cola and Blockbuster pump up advertising on social networks to reach millions of Americans creating personal Web pages, MySpace is trying to be heard above the din of Facebook — a rival less than half its size. MySpace co-founders DeWolfeand Anderson have a few tricks up their virtual sleeves as they try to reassert their company — often stereotyped as a site for kids — as a preeminent power.

Is this really such a big deal.  In one corner a corporate shill pretending to be a cool, edgy rebel for the college kids and in the other corner a corporate hack masquerading as a cool, edgy rebel for anyone.  Isn't the real difference the number of posted photos of drinking?

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