Monday, December 31, 2007

Now there's your endorsement

The Pantload will take 'em where he can get 'em:

Vox Day on Liberal Fascism [Jonah Goldberg]

Cutting through a lot of oddly backhanded compliments (I like Vox) we get to the meat of it, and the meat is good:

[Goldberg] has written the most ideologically significant work of political non-fiction since ... "The Closing of the American Mind."

12/31 08:38 AM

Where have we seen this "Vox" that Goldberg likes so much?

Oh yes, Vox Day is the guy who used the death of six million jews to support the deportation of illegal immigrants, because gosh darnit, it worked! [Even WingNutDaily couldn't stand for that].

Of course, Vox, is also a guy who loves to toss the word fascism around (while admiring its the Holocaust for example)...

Far too many women are fascists at heart...Some people think the Founding Fathers had never even considered the thought of allowing women to vote, that it was just a historical oversight on the part of some unconsciously sexist men. I suspect that they knew perfectly well what they were doing, given the obvious connection between the female franchise and the West's continental drift into socialism.

Dude really knows how to sweet talk. No wonder he thinks rape is morally the same as premarital consensual sex, and mostly on the woman [hey, at least he doesn't say "broads"].

But Jonah really likes the guy.

Says it all, doesn't it?

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