Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Hero for the Day

Did anyone catch Denis Leary on Bab's all gal gabfest, The View?

"White men have screwed this country up!," said The Rescue Me star in a mini-rant as part of a discussion about candidates. "I would like a black, female.... everything all rolled into one."


Leary: "I want something different. I want a real change. ... People, I want a president who speaks well, who has a sense of humor. This guy is such a moron! It's beyond the point where it's a joke. He's an idiot." (scroll down to find the story)

At the end of Leary's segment on the show, Whoopi Goldberg gave him a standing ovation and cheered him on. I wish more people would applaud free speech instead of talking about how you can't criticize any flippin' thing because you are supposedly giving comfort to the terrorists. Free speech dies with the silence of downcast eyes.

I remember when Leary had those great angry commercials on Mtv -- he would spit words at the camera over a great gutiar riff -- talking about music, politics, and culture.

I suppose we should cue up the Rethug attack machine, Michie, Andrewbooboo, Hanablaugh, Rushamon -- you all sharpening your claws?

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