Sunday, December 23, 2007

How Quaint!

Joe Klein, isn't it cute when he plays naive so he doesn't look dumb?

While bemoaning Hillary Clinton's campaign leaning on her connections with her husband (and really how can that be helped?) Klein points out one true flaw that really does bother me, the oligarchical nature of another Clinton as President, leaving us with a Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton occupancy of the White House. I'm not making any real endorsements on this blog, because really, who gives a shit who I endorse? But I've said before I'll vote for her if she's the nominee, but failing to maintain at least a pretense of non-noble families where the Clinton's are the DeMedici's and the Bush's are the Clampett's running everything is important.

But then Klein veers into stupidity as ever:

I don't want the same old ratpack of shills and donors (and the accompanying pack of right-wing nutballs, bottom-feeding off the Clintonphobia of the wingnut base).

Oh please, you don't need a Clinton for the GOP sliming machine to kick into gear. If Hillary Clinton's the nominee they just have to cut & paste. But if anyone else is, they'll do the same.

I mean, c'mon Joe haven't you already heard (apparently he missed the whole Swift-Boat thing last time around)?

-- Barack HUSSEIN!!!!! OSAMA!!!!!!!?, educated in a terrorist madrassa. Doing cocaine speedballs with his two kids, Saddam & Qaddafi while on the Haj?

-- John Edwards and his 33 illegitimate babies conceived in the back of speeding ambulances he chased down with his mighty trial lawyer powers? His exquisitely coiffed gay-hair billowing in the wind while crushing Christian babies in a drill press?

There's nothing special about how the right will tread Hillary Clinton over anyone else except the spade work has already been done. It's simply old slime versus new slime.

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