Friday, December 14, 2007

"Conservative Thinker"

Why is the GOP setting itself up for a slaughter? [It's a race to the bottom between Bush and the GOP against Democratic Congressional Leaders, but the GOP has such a large, large lead]

Look no further than the musings of the "man" whose pants are filled with dough:

The Debates [Jonah Goldberg]

A couple random notes. I watched a big chunk of the GOP debate on Tivo yesterday. I agree with the general consensus that it was lame with an extra dose of stupid. Though I kind of dug Alan Keyes' crazy guy on the bus routine. I also thought — from what I saw — that Fred Thompson, not Mitt Romney, was the winner. I loved his "I agree with Alan Keyes' position on Global Warming" line.

Yeah, that's why Grandpa Fred's campaign has taken off like a rocket...a rocket-shaped suppository.

It's trenchant analysis like this (and the ever timely 'Star Trek' joke) that keeps Jonah waist-deep in it.

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