Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Take THAT, Joe Klein!!!

A gift arrived yesterday from Eschatonian and RH reader SallyH. A genuine Turkish fez that she obtained earlier this year on a trip to the land of the original Ataturk (who actually tried to ban the things once).

Thanks so much.

Along with my other regulation fez, the leopard print fez, and that fez (and tiny car) I took from a drunken Shriner after the 1991 University of Iowa Homecoming Parade it makes a lovely set.

Also, fellow blogboy, and long-time Attaturk enabler, Dick D. DeDurkheim will be here in early January as we cover the Iowa Caucuses.

This will give us a chance to truly impress Champollion (although he can have the tiny car if he wants it) and make him jealous as we unleash our new business, 'AKBAR & JEFF'S BLOGGING HUT!'

By the way, tiara-envy harboring Res Ipsa sent me a book yesterday as well on the fabulous 80s (home of my favorite TV shows, "Manimal" and "SuperTrain"). AWESOME!

So remember readers, keep those gifts coming.

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