Monday, December 17, 2007

Call Me Cynical

Glenn Greenwald paints an ugly portrait of the double standards operating in the senate at the hands of Harry Reid (R. Nev.??):

Isn't it just amazing? Reid is using every power he has, including some which run directly contrary to how the Senate has traditionally operated (and how it still operates when it comes to GOP prerogatives), to ensure that one of the most glaring scandals involving Bush lawbreaking -- warrantless surveillance on U.S. citizens -- is never investigated and there is never any accountability for it. And the methods he is using to accomplish that are as corrupt as the results themselves.

An offer he couldn't refuse? I don't know, why else would Senate minority leader be doing something that benefits only behemoth telephone companies? Me, I'd say Reid owes someone something. BIG time.


According to Jane Hamsher. Reid does the right thing. Small consolation, though. What a disaster and failure of leadership.

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