Sunday, December 16, 2007

I love animals

And yes, I consider "the dog" or "the cat" family. But y'know they're still dogs and/or have to let them be who they are.

And this is simply the saddest thing ever:

Among dog owners, 53.5 percent considered their pets to be members of the family, the survey found. For cats, the number was 49.2 percent.

And the term “family member” should not be used lightly. Ari Henry Barnes, who works in a New York law firm, is so devoted to his cat, Romeo, that he wipes the animal’s behind every time he does “a stinky boom boom.”

There is no indication this is medically necessary (old or sick cat) at all and it's okay to call it a "crap", in fact it is FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR less offensive.

The pet doesn't mind.

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