Thursday, April 07, 2011

This sort of thing usually leads to a breakthrough on Celebrity Rehab

Though one party arrived drenched in tears and left in uncontrollable heaving sobs and the other party offered comforting hugs and the usual unilateral offers of compromise there was no budget deal last night.

President Obama emerged from an Oval Office meeting with Congressional leaders on Wednesday night with no breakthrough on the budget stalemate, but he said the 90-minute discussion had helped to “narrow the issues” that are outstanding.

Pretend talks will continue just as soon as Boehner gets rehydrated.

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Anonymous said...

well I hope part of the narrowing of understanding came on his part... the understanding that Boner and sack don't have any intention of compromising, they want what they want... which is a gutting of all social programs, tax cuts for their wealthy friends and for Obama to not run for re-election... and they're prepared to take the country down with them unless Obama makes all those promises.

Montag said...

"Hey, Mr. Tangerine Man, shed a tear for me...

"I'm creepy and there ain't no Beck on teevee...."

pansypoo said...

when will they tell the teabags to get in line?

Anonymous said...

They are locked and loaded and can't wait for marching orders. Don't mean to sound anxious but this shutdown is going to be different than the Clinton shutdown.
They want this so badly to be Armageddon, or at least Showdown at the ok corral, something hollywoody & dramatic and all convincing to show they do have the power to control the media, the political debate, the House, the Supreme Court, what the matter is Amerika, we must have it all.