Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Anyone not in a hover-round!"

Florida Governor Lex Luthor is determined to get even less popular.

Many in the community would likely not be ple with Scott’s cuts, but those voices remained unheard — mainly because they were banned. Declaring the town square event to be “private,” Scott’s staffers had Sumter County sheriff’s deputies remove Democrats and those with “liberal-looking pins and buttons” from the event


StonyPillow said...

Aah, The Villages. Retirement community for assholes who've spent their entire life whining about taxes and doing their part. No one under 50 allowed to live there, lest they have to pay taxes on a school. "Pay it forward" ends with their generation.

And The Villages is also a hotbed of STD infections. What's left of their brains is rotting. No wonder it's Rick Scott territory.

pansypoo said...

purity. it's the fux way.