Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Oh please let them be like matter-antimatter.

Westboro Baptist Church vs. KKK

You say "let's hope they both lose" but really, look at the individual membership, they both already have.


Raoul Paste said...

This comes close to being a perfect Rising Hegemon post.

pansypoo said...


the KKK is kinda pro military violence.

jimmiraybob said...

I suspect that he has better basic-math skills too.

So much for Romney capturing the imagination of the Teapublican base.

I'm waiting for it to leak that he once made an accurate historical statement regarding .....well, regarding anything. It doesn't have to be true, of coarse, to seal his political fate.

jimmiraybob said...

Hmmmm, above comment meant for next post.

Anonymous said...

So when can we get the KKK to burn a cross near the WBC compound?

MD said...

Dammitt, it doesn't get better than this........ Thanx 'Natures God' for creating such as these to give me so much amusement in my life ;-)