Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Post That Will Make Attaturk Proud

Okay, whoever wrote this article about Philip Roth winning the Man Booker has a sense of humor, because the verb choice in the first sentence of the second paragraph just cannot be an accident. Remember the raw liver in Portnoy's Complaint?


Anonymous said...

Lulz. Nice catch!

Andrew K. said...

It is kind of how Newt expects to win. The truth of who he is and what he has done has to be a lie if Newt would ever hope to be prez.

Anonymous said...

thing is, i live in australia now, and that's just one of the things they say that make me go "HUH?"

and i'm just as odd to them.

that said, never ever underestimate the ability of all of us using that propensity to it's full potential!

my bet is the writer of the article wrote EXACTLY what they meant!


Anonymous said...

I can't recall any words of Roth, but interpret whatever his hero says is modeled on Newt Gingrich, or Newt modeled his life after the hero, lots of salacious and forbidden sex, and a denial of any of it being of his doing. Right?

Attaturk said...

I'm proud.

Marcellina said...

Further down, a quote:

Callil said that Roth "goes on and on and on about the same subject in almost every single book. It's as though he's sitting on your face and you can't breathe".

Anonymous said...

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