Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh those internets

Other than the fact it was a newspaper the LA Times that broke the news on Arnold's child of normal-chinned mother, Bill-O is totally right in that the only thing that is emphasized:

...the reason most politicians get brought down down by scandals involving their personal lives is because of "cowardly sociopaths" on the Internet who "hide in the weeds in their basements" and write "the most vile things" about them.

The internet is also totally responsible for loofahs, masturbating on phone calls, and Andrea Mackris' breasts.


Montag said...

O'Really doesn't exactly understand that hypocrisy pisses people off.

And the kind of stupidity and duplicity that the Governator has exhibited would ordinarily disqualify him from public office, something that an ideological wacko like O'Really would never, ever admit, because Ahnuld is one of his tribe--white, rich, elderly, racist and fascist.

O'Really is just trying to shift the blame onto someone else. He has personal experience at that, and he does it a lot.

StonyPillow said...

But what about the Clenis?

BTW, NPR's Andrea Seabrook is hereby nominated for Wanker of thge Month.

MD said...

Clenis also, in my opinion...but BillO has a L behind his name. BillO still has a R behind the Gropenator's.