Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"You stay classy, 20/20 foresight"

One does wonder about the attention span of those who keep electing clowns like this.

Self-proclaimed libertarian Billy Long got himself elected to fill Roy Blount's old congressional seat in Missouri last year on the strength of voters "reflex memory" alone.

Given his districts residence in the heart of 'Tornado Alley' one would think ol' Billy might appreciate 'civil defense' protections like warning systems. But, you would be overestimating Billy Brooks sociopathy when he mocked such things last year.

And then this weekend happened in his district.

Good job in advance Billy.


pansypoo said...

he needs to visit home + help retrieve bodies.

jimmiraybob said...

The Teapublican Party, haven for the pig ignorant.....sorry pigs. At least he'd found a home that also ridicules volcano and earthquake preparedness. These people just hate anything that can help people.

Anonymous said...

God should have made sure Billy Long was one of those bodies.