Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Deep Thought

The Ryan plan is brave.

P.S. Dems, Here's complete roll call on the Ryan plan. Please see that you wield it whenever possible.

Oh, and bye, Paul.


pansypoo said...

why is he upset when democrats tell the truth about his 'brilliant' plan?

Anonymous said...

Custer was brave at the Battle of the Greasy Grass. That does not mean he was right.

Anonymous said...

you're goddam "right" he's "upset," and montana isn't far anyway, where Bacchus carries the tune. Let the Bacchanalia bloom with new life.vox

jimmiraybob said...

Interesting. Billy Long (MO-7), whose district includes Joplin, MO, home of a recent deadly and devastating tornado, voted to abandon America's seniors. His other important work in the house includes pushing for a national auctioneers day.


Will said...

The CW will be that Ryan is brave for trying to screw over the elderly & powerless and the others were cowardly politicians putting votes over the welfare of the country.
Assholes !