Sunday, May 15, 2011


I know little-to-nothing about any of them, but this seems like a really big deal.

Good for him -- and good for sports.

(Just as an aside, Welts is fifty-eight? Wow. He looks good.)


Anonymous said...

I've often wondered myself about when would be a good time for me to come out--as a Democrat--in a Red State.
I made the mistake of declaring myself a democrat at an early age, and it has held me back from becoming rich like the Koch Brother.
Oh, I forgot, this is about declaring oneself gay. He waited until he was in a position where he couldn't get kicked down the stairs easily. vox

Henry Holland said...

On one hand, I have some sympathy, he's of the generation that grew up when homosexuality was a total taboo in "polite society". On the other, he certainly played the "oh they know, why bother telling them" game to his advantage. Frankly, his story seems to reinforce the "stay in the closet until you're successful" idea.