Friday, May 20, 2011

I thought Michelle Malkin hated "liberal" movie stars?

I guess not.


jimmiraybob said...

I don't see the connection. It sounds like the Bangkok lady of odd skills, actually has a skill....and accurate aim.

Will said...

I get it

Anonymous said...

Medical person I know was in Bangkok some years ago when a male patient came in early one morning and closed the door. Seems there were some American businessmen in town and they went to one of these clubs where the performers had the unique skill of shooting darts from their va-ja-jays and breaking balloons placed on the walls around the room. One of the shooters was a bit off - and the dart him him!!! AIDS was his fear and, at the time, a good one.

Funny now. Then - not so funny, to him.

zuzu said...

Oh, Jesus Christ, Attaturk.

Really? Michelle Malkin-as-Thai-hooker jokes?

I despise the woman, but somehow I can criticize her without making racist, sexist cracks. I thought you were better than that.

Not to mention funnier.

pansypoo said...

do handi wipes taste better?