Monday, May 16, 2011

This should be fun to watch

Please enjoy his fellow asylum residents running for President try to dodge this question as Teabaggers start to almost become self-aware:

Ron Paul Calls Social Security and Medicare Unconstitutional, Compares Them to ‘Slavery’


rapier said...

A factual note about health care. Hospitals have to treat everyone in the ER because if they don't they cannot receive Medicare dollars. The mandate is part of Medicare.

The free market in health care would have a father bringing his blue baby into ER and with no insurance, cash, or credit card and the hospital would be able to choose not to treat it.

Extending Paul's arguement making hospitals treat the uninsured is slavery.

Raoul Paste said...

as the Teabaggers almost become self-aware

If these people ever realize how thoroughly they've been played for chumps, it could get ugly.

Some of them are angry types.

jimmiraybob said...

as the Teabaggers almost become self-aware

I'll have to look at this apparent phenomenon later...when I can devote the appropriate time. Seems unlikely. But, I suppose, not altogether impossible.

Until then I just chalk up any apparent awareness to the bruising that the mind undergoes by the difficulty of maintaining epic dissonance and the occasional random collision of opposite thoughts. It's hard work keeping the force field powered up.

Anonymous said...

Libertarian "logic" is truly bizarre and byzantine. I hear that they are getting their own entry in the DSM-V (to replace narcissism).

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Rand Paul's income would be as a doctor in Kentucky if he had to rely solely on his patients, and not the government, for payment for services.

pansypoo said...

toxic selfishness.

Anonymous said...

Both Pauls talking about the slavery thing. Hm-m-m.