Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dick Morris without the Toe-Sucking

Although when it comes to Mark Halperin, the sucking is universal:

...any pundit (I'm looking at Mark Halperin especially) who took Newt as a serious heavyweight, just turn in your pundit badge and go home before you embarrass yourself any further. Halperin, you may recall, tried to make the argument in 2008 that having eight homes was good for John McCain (and, yeah, we still say it whenever good news for Obama comes out.) Halperin's argument on Hardball Monday night that Newt is a candidate to reckon with is another classic blown call and another example of pundits never having to be accountable. Come to think of it, until this week, Newt was a pundit...

The Village!


TheFritoPundito said...

You haven't figured out yet that NOTHING those guys can do can embarrass them? They are beyond embarrassment and immune to any blowback from the nonsense they spew. They will continue to vomit forth nonsense, which will be lapped up as conventional wisdom, even (or maybe especially) if it contradicts what they said the previous day - after all, as Newt said, that's a sign of someone who can learn!

pansypoo said...

bobo jr.