Sunday, May 15, 2011

One of Those Things

So I'm sitting here, slack-jawed, reading a news accounts of the IMF managing director who has been accused of sexual assault and I click over to his Wikipedia page and see that the popular press (in France, I guess) refers to him as DSK, which reminds me of BHL, which in turns reminds me of this pointless NYT article about Tina Brown (who thinks that Bret Easton Ellis qualifies as a "new writer"), which includes this passage:
As her guests said goodbye, Brown and Evans looked eager to get their furniture back. Suddenly the French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy wafted in, dressed in black and trailing a cloud of cologne and his mistress, Daphne Guinness, who was wearing a revealing black cat suit and heelless Alexander McQueen platform shoes. Lévy was fresh from Paris, where, he proceeded to tell Brown and a few stragglers, he had just single-handedly persuaded his old friend President Nicolas Sarkozy to go to war against Col. Muammar el Qaddafi of Libya. (A few days later, Steven Erlanger of The New York Times reported that this had, improbably enough, been the case.)
And I wonder two things:

First, why the hell are the women with whom people like BHL step out on their wives invariably heiresses, and, second, when are all these damn people going to be loaded onto tumbrels and marched to the scaffolds?



watertiger said...

They'll be loaded onto the tumbrels as soon as people can peel themselves away from the last installment of "American Idol" (or whatever the European equivalent is).


TheFritoPundito said...

Hey, better screwing an heiress consenually than raping a chambermaid - although BHL has probably done that too (elegantly)

Anonymous said...

these kind of people don't put on their pants the same way we do. does gadaffy have any tumbrels he could send France? They do celebrate their day of freedom-Bastille Day, and might be induced to celebrate the invention of the guillotine with a public demonstration vox

Maybe Gadaffy could send Sarcozy a spare tumbrel so that France could properly celebrate Bastille day with a demonstration of how the guillotine works on Levi's or is it Levys?

Montag said...

i read something like this and think that George Carlin said it best: "There's a Big Club, and you ain't in it. You and I ain't in The Big Club."

These people start wars over white Bordeaux, and wonder why the bleeding sods that have to fight those wars hate them....

res ipsa loquitur said...

"There's a Big Club, and you ain't in it. You and I ain't in The Big Club."

Thank Christ!

four legs good said...

Because those types always stick together and because (for Americans at least) we think that at some point, it will be our turn.

pansypoo said...

sounds like more complaintants are coming out of the closet.