Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wonder if His Contracts Include a Morals Clause?

Wondering if the producers are rethinking these plans:

Last month, [Schwarzenegger] announced he would star in an animated children's series, "The Governator," about a superhero with an everyday family life. He told The Times he was ready to reclaim his former Hollywood glory and to make sequels of his greatest hits, including "Terminator," "True Lies" and "Kindergarten Cop."

I guess Orrin Hatch now knows why Arnold didn't press harder on Hatch's Equal Right to Govern Amendment:
Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, a political ally of Schwarzenegger, introduced the Equal Right to Govern Amendment in July 2003, a few weeks before the actor declared his candidacy in the recall election in which Californians ousted Democrat Gray Davis as governor.

If Hatch's amendment is adopted, an immigrant who has been a naturalized citizen for 20 years could run for president or vice president.

Schwarzenegger, 57, has been a U.S. citizen since 1983. He has retained Austrian citizenship.


JDM said...

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sewa mobil said...

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DanF said...

Naturalized white Republican for prez - no problem. Black dude with a citizen mom and a Kenyan dad? No fuckin' way man. Can't be legal. There is no consistency with these fuckers. Well, actually they are consistent - whatever is to their advantage, they are 100% for. They just have no intellectual consistency.

Anonymous said...

moral consistency doesn't count either

pansypoo said...

i am sure he has a hollywood clause.