Thursday, June 09, 2011

But, of course

Anthony Weiner-inspired condoms on sale.

Where are the David Vitter-inspired Huggies?

Oh, and how the Daily Caller is letting out all of Tucker Carlson's repressed sexuality into giggling headlines.


jimmiraybob said...

Republicans Lovingly Powder David Vitter's Bottom Before Gently Swaddling Him in Dry Comfy Diaper

Last night at a high end brownstone in a well-to-do DC neighborhood, Republican money, lobbyists and conservative power brokers came together to....

Anonymous said...

Vitter still has power to withhold Dept of energy officials pay raise unless he allows more gulf oil drilling permits. Ensign finally threw in the towel for lack of support in his state.
Weiner should stay putz.

pansypoo said...

did cable gnews jump the shark yet?