Thursday, June 09, 2011

Here's the fun we had in my town this morning

At least I didn't suffer alone. Although the video doesn't adequately capture how hard the hail came down.

It was like this.

And now it has been raining to beat hell all morning. Not a great thing for our already swollen rivers.


StonyPillow said...

Indeed you did not suffer alone. My sump pumps kept up with the rain surges (three so far, another expected tonight), but I got called home from work by Mrs. Pillow, who informed me the sewer had backed up into the basement. Yeehaw.

And suburban Chicago got abundant hail, although not dime-sized.

Welcome to the century of catastrophe. Hope all you "Al Gore is fat" folks enjoy the ride.

Anonymous said...

The Des Moines river is one horse of a river when it cuts loose.
We had a sudden spike in temp to 102 degrees at midnight and winds and rains and fiyah, collapsing tents and booths and tearing up our annual downtown festival

Anonymous said...

Just what compels morans to pull out their cell phone cameras to video record and narrate a hail storm - while driving a car??????????????

pansypoo said...

indeed. darwin will get us yet.

not much hail but we got the closer to the lake thing.