Monday, June 06, 2011

The not-so-great Crusade

One thing you have to hand it to the far right about, there's really no topic too trivial to get worked up into a nice Santorum lather about. Take the quickly becoming middle-aged virgin Ben Shapiro. He's totally "FoxNews style" outraged about the liberal, homosexual leanings, of Big Bird on Castro District Sesame Street. Clearly the only way to deal with this dangerous agenda are tax cuts, medicare cuts [and apparently "Supercuts"] with a dash of poisoned suet.

This is especially true, and follows just as logically, because as Sarah Palin will modestly tell you, it is somewhere between the one-hundredth and fiftieth anniversary of D-Day. Tens of thousands of Americans along with a couple Brits and maybe one Canadian (Gordie Howe?) landed in France to liberate Europe from Hitler's anti-Second Amendment agenda. Thousands died that day in bloody fighting (or as the Russians called it just another "Tuesday"). All this occurred, of course, against the wishes of the "Democrat Party" head, that guy on the dime.

Look it up, it's all on Wikipedia people...or soon will be.

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Montag said...

Little Ben's just annoyed because Big Bird could beat the shit out of him, but Big Bird's too tolerant to prove it.

StonyPillow said...

Gentle Ben must be in charge of media for the Santorum campaign. Eagles (not monkeys) will fly out of the Santorum "o" today.

pansypoo said...

i guess he wants them all to be more republikkklan like oscar the grouch.

MD said...

Dear doG..... I just showered and I feel I have to again. .. There is not a word in the English/American language that I can use to describe my disdain for those people.