Monday, June 06, 2011

"You people have to understand, we're the United States of America"

"And you're not"

The Wall Street Journal reports that this "coup for the U.S." could also help backers of drone strikes in the U.S. government "push back against calls from some Obama administration officials to scale back the attacks," because they are widely hated by Pakistanis, who see them as a violation of sovereignty...

...People in Pakistan continue to be "angry" about the unpopular attacks.

Hard to believe, another country firing missiles that not only kill bad people, but also innocent people would be unpopular.

I'm pretty sure if another country country launched missiles into the United States that took out Charles Manson at the expense of killing a couple dozen innocent Americans we'd be cool with it, no?

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pansypoo said...

so we should invade them instead?